How MIT, Google, and SpaceX Instructors Launched Their First Course

How brilliant professionals and experts shared their knowledge and made their first sale.


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The Client

Maven is an online platform that lets people upgrade their careers and skills with live courses. These courses are usually taught by former executives, academics, and professionals from major organizations like Airbnb, McKinsey, Harvard, and more.

The Problem

Maven has helped hundreds of instructors develop their courses. However, there was a major roadblock stopping many from officially launching them: they didn't know how to promote and sell their online courses.

These instructors were scared that they wouldn't earn an ROI from their hard work. Or worse, nobody would buy from them and they would be teaching in an empty room.

This caused Maven to assemble a team of expert coaches to help these instructors solve their marketing problems and develop enough confidence to launch their courses.

The Solution

Romelus was hired as one of many marketing coaches whose purpose was to help instructors find flaws in their strategies and give them advice on growing their online audience.

She later became the sole copywriting coach, helping instructors improve their landing pages with wording that emotionally resonated with potential students.

Role #1: The Marketing Coach

Romelus supported many instructors via 1:1 coaching sessions and Slack messages.

However, her most impactful efforts were holding weekly marketing workshops that helped them plan their first course launch.

Her first workshops consisted of educating them about the online marketing funnel and the content required at each stage.

She also helped instructors identify which content best fits their audience, schedule, and abilities.

Next, she created 5 marketing funnels that they could execute to generate their first sales.

Her second workshops consisted of helping them transform their marketing plan into reality.

She educated them on the importance of marketing messages, calendars, and holding oneself accountable.

Through these teachings, the instructors overcame imposter syndrome and became more confident about promoting themselves.

Role #2: The Copywriting Coach

It was crucial that instructors launch their Maven landing page to promote their course.

However, many of them weren't confident about their messaging and desired expert feedback to improve.

In single and group sessions, Romelus helped instructors identify their ideal student's motivations, goals, and channels.

She then worked with them to brainstorm words and phrases that would resonate.

Lastly, she helped them create attention-grabbing headlines and body copy that positioned the instructors as trustworthy experts.

Here are some of the landing pages she consulted on:

The Results

At Maven, Romelus was able to:

  • Coach 100+ instructors
  • Consult on 100+ landing pages
  • Help instructors promote their courses to 10,000+ students

What People Are Saying

Beth is highly skilled at course marketing. Her warm and empathetic approach makes people feel confident in their ability to execute a robust strategy — even if they have no experience. She also has unique expertise in helping those with small audiences drive sales. She'll treat you as a partner and empower you to set and achieve your goals.

– Alexandra Allen
Former Pedagogy Coach at Maven