How Training and Course Companies
Increase Sales Without Sacrificing Integrity 

Learn how training profressionals and course creators can develop an affordable and effective way to greater sales.

Case Studies

The Benefits

Premium Marketing,
Without Premium Prices

Receive highly trained and specialized expertise at a fraction of the cost of other agencies and professionals. You no longer have to choose between excellence and affordability. 

Ease Your Workload,
Embrace Your Peace

Delegate your marketing chores and free up your schedule so you can spend more time, energy, and focus helping others and building your dream business.

Engineer Your Success with Strategic Selling

Execute marketing strategies that, not only convert to customers but are aligned with your unique business and sales goals, so you'll hit every milestone on your path to success.

What Clients Are Saying

"Beth is a passionate writer and a strong researcher, who is eager to learn and takes feedback and coaching well. We have high standards for the Lighthouse blog and Beth was always up for the challenge, producing over a dozen great, long-form posts for us."

- Jason Evanish, Founder, Get Lighthouse, Inc.

"Beth is a visionary gem that every growing entrepreneur needs. She's reliable, dedicated and eternally upbeat with my brand. Her ability to take my words and thoughts and create a connection to our followers and clients is unparalleled, and it is because of her excellence in this area that I repeatedly asked her to work with my company."

- Nicole Matthews, Founder, The Marketing Chicks

"Beth is definitely someone you should contact when it comes to marketing and content writing. Thanks to her expertise, we increased our revenue and gain clientele throughout this rough time for most businesses. Aside from my company, I've seen Beth guide others in the right direction and help them with marketing dilemmas. I highly recommend working with Beth as you will not be disappointed."

- Janeen B, Founder, EmpowHERto

The Process

Brand Questionaire

We dig into your business by asking questions that uncover what makes your brand truly unique. This helps us understand your core values, offerings, and differentiators.

Research and Analysis

We conduct detailed research to identify gaps and opportunities within your industry and existing content so you can stand out and outperform the competition.

Marketing Goals and Strategy

We develop a straightforward plan outlining the strategies and tactics needed to achieve your marketing and sales goals.

Crafting Compelling Messages

We'll create authentic, targeted, and persuasive messages that transform visitors and followers into loyal customers. 

Execution and Optimization

We'll bring the marketing strategy to life with engaging content, emails, landing pages, and sales funnels. Then, continuously refining tactics to maximize results.

Beth Romelus

I started my career as a copywriter, blogger, and content marketer for 7 - 9 figure companies like Neil Patel, Lee Hect Harrison, and Digital Triggers.

I've also helped marketing experts get featured on Inc. and Forbes.

Been Featured

Noteable Clients

Frequently Asked Questions

What sets your service apart?

Our service is customized to highlight your business's unique qualities for a tailored approach.

How will your service save me time and money?

It saves money by removing the need for an in-house marketing team. We'll do 80% of the work for you. Because we'll handle the marketing, you can focus more on your business or personal life.

Is your service flexible for different industries and sizes?

We specaize in B2C (business to consumer) companies and offerings. For B2C, we adapt our strategies to fit your specific industry and business size perfectly.

When can I expect results?

Expect to see a significant market impact and sales growth within 90 days.

How do you track and optimize success?

We measure results against set goals, optimizing based on feedback for the best results.

What Clients Are Saying

Beth is an extremely talented writer. She produced a lot of the content we used for Purple Cow Agency’s blog, advocating for the use of inbound and content marketing. She was also willing to do a lot of ghost writing for a variety of our clients, exploring her creativity and showing her initiative to work outside of her comfort zone. Beyond writing blog posts, she also developed longer forms of content, like eBooks."

- Melanie Benitez, Former Marketing Manager, The Purple Cow Agency

Flow and substance are two rare skills that few writers manage to develop. Beth has both of them. Not only that, but she has the ability to evoke emotions within her readers. Whether she's writing stories, practical advice, or reporting on trending topics, Beth strikes a chord with online audiences. Connecting them to her ideas, emotions, and experiences.

- Gianni Cara, Former Marketing Manager, Digital Triggers

I had the opportunity to work with Beth through my marketing agency Purple Cow Agency. In this fast paced environment, Beth took initiative, wrote great material, and was a pleasure to work with. Her work was articulate, well researched, and engaging. I highly recommend her to you.

- John Smulo, Founder, The Purple Cow Agency

The Cost of Not Taking Action?

Success Seems Like a Fantasy

Without a solid strategy, achieving sales and marketing goals feels like an elusive dream.

The Growing Danger of Burnout

The workload exhausts your team as they struggle with a lack of time, resources, and skill.

Feeling Confused and Anxious

Dealing with marketing's uncertainty continues to be difficult, making you want to quit.

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I also helped coaches, consultants, and agency owners build their own courses

And I personally taught over 1,000+ students across the globe.

"I was just blown away! I can't recommend her enough."

(Arielle Hale) 

"She brings a high level of professionalism...and the master class we delivered had 27 five-star reviews."
(Shadeed Eleazer) 

"I greatly appreciate the impact that she's had upon myself, my team, and my business."

"My course will be just as engaging and entertaining as I hope it'll be."

(Lipstick and Tech) 

“I spent over $2,000 on online courses and training programs in the past 2 years. However, most of them were poorly done. They were either full of fluff or very boring. I barely finished them.

I wanted expert help but felt so discouraged.

It wasn’t until I attended Beth’s virtual training that I became inspired to act on information to improve my career. She’s a very thoughtful instructor who cares about her students’ success.

Her presentations, interactive exercises, curriculum, and helpful personality makes you want to attend the next class. I never joined an online class that was based on facts and data but also relatable, fun, and easy to understand.

I wish I found her earlier!”

Theophilyn Mensah
Virtual Participant, United Kingdom

“Beth is an amazing teacher. She has the brain of a genius and the heart of an advocate.

Before attending her training, I wasn’t confident with myself or my business. I was very insecure about my future.

However, Beth’s dynamic teaching showed me that a brighter and better future was possible. Her virtual classes consisted of content that made learning super relevant to me.

Her training makes you excited and ready to hustle. Her teachings and support are a life-changing experience. 100% recommended!”

Gabriela Bustamante
Virtual Participant, Ecuador

“Beth is a superstar at virtual training. For so many people, remote learning didn’t seem like a possibility until COVID hit. Even before that, many people thought online courses were for scammers and sleazy gurus.

But Beth changed our minds by finding the best ways to help online students learn. I took her freelance class and enjoyed it. The presentation was informative, interactive, and a lot of fun.

Despite meeting remotely, Beth found ways to throw curveballs into her lessons to keep students engaged. I highly recommend her services.” 

Kendell Burton
Virtual Participant, United States

“Beth is such a gift to students. She has truly transformed the online learning experience.

For many years, I’ve struggled with remote learning. I found them too boring and unorganized.

However, Beth showed me how awesome online learning could be.

Her lessons are so engaging because she explains how certain skills and knowledge will be valuable in a professional environment.”

Jordan Kurker-Mraz
Virtual Participant, United States

“Compared to the online classes I’ve taken in the past, Beth’s was the most unique and refreshing.

Her expertise shines through her presentations and content delivery.

She often inspires genuine participation among fellow students and me.

She’s so passionate about building accommodating, encouraging, and engaging online environments.

Beth makes you feel more knowledgeable, confident, and empowered to achieve your goals when you attend her classes.”

Rinu Ogundeji
Virtual Participant, United Kingdom

“Beth is such an inspiration. Freelancing hasn’t always been easy for me.

There are many books and courses about the subject, but they’re usually confusing or full of fluff.

But I took a chance and trusted Beth to teach me about freelancing through virtual training.

It was amazing! She gave relevant industry advice and a fun experience that I wish I had in college.

Advice that helped me build better relationships with clients. Her classes really are a game-changer.”

Lianne Hikind
Virtual Participant, United States

“While attending her virtual classes, Beth’s dedication to students’ success shined through.

Her storytelling and interactive style made staying focused and retaining information easy.

The real-life examples in her presentations made it easier to apply concepts in my life and business.

She also did a great job at giving us the resources needed to upgrade our career.”

Rebecca Johnson
Virtual Participant, United States

“Beth is a fantastic instructor!

She tackled so many small details that I didn’t know I even needed.

Her presentations are so much better than the slides I see at school and work. It’s the best I’ve ever seen—much more personal.

Also, the short discussion exercises really give an extra push to reflect on what we learned. Her training is worth it!”

Lihle Skeyi
Virtual Participant, South Africa

“Beth’s teaching style is so much different than traditional classroom teaching. She’s much more conversational, empathic, and entertaining.

She’s also much more focused on using real-life situations rather than unrealistic theories. This realistic context makes it easier for you to accomplish goals in reality.” 

Emmanuel Owolabi
Virtual Participant, Nigeria